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Ilex EnviroSciences is a new type of Crop Nutrition supplier

Our aim: to bring the most modern advances in crop nutrition directly to the UK Grower through constant product development from in house experts.

Manufactured at our UK facilities from the highest grade raw materials to ensure consistent quality, our concentrated liquid fertilisers have been formulated to supply macro-, secondary and micro-elements in the most readily plant-available forms through seed treatment or foliar application

Our BASIS & FACTS trained staff, experienced in the latest crop production techniques and formulation technologies, provide qualified advice on optimising yield through carefully planned plant nutrition programmes.

Ilex EnviroSciences: Advanced Crop Nutrition
Murray Smedley
Managing Director
Latest News

New manganese-rich nutrient seed treatment

22nd July 2015

START-UPMAXX IS A NEW MULTI-NUTRIENT SEED TREATMENT TO BOOST EARLY VIGOUR IN AUTUMN AND SPRING-SOWN CEREALS Start-uPMAXX combines the phosphite chemistry and bioactive agents used in Ilexs popular seed treatment Start-uP with a manganese-rich mult-nutrient package. Start-uPMAXX contains the highly mobile form of phosphorus in the phosphite form which in trials, has shown consistent results in producing … Read More

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